Best Maximum Size Carry on Luggage for Airlines - Ryanair, EasyJet, Wizz Air, TUI Airways, British Airways

If you're flying somewhere just getting to your destination can be frustrating enough and your luggage shouldn't add to the stress. What's more, low cost airlines charge extra to check in hold luggage. Ryanair charge £50 and Heathrow £55 if you get caught at the boarding gate with an over-sized suitcase and you're compelled to check it into the hold. 

When you pack for a trip you need to pack everything you can into a small size bag if want to avoid paying extra for checked-in baggage, as you're usually only allowed one (1) carry-on hand luggage for free.  It's therefore important you pack the biggest, maximum size hand luggage possible. 

What is the maximum size for carry-on luggage on an airplane

Dimensions: 55x40x20cm (Retracted, Including Wheels and Grip), 50x40x20cm (Excluding Wheels & Grip), Height (Handle Extended) 1.0 m, Weight: 2.75 kg, Capacity: 40 L.

The MAXIMUM allowed cabin size luggage is generally 55x40x20 cm for most airlines in Europe including Ryanair (10 kg) (by booking Priority Boarding), TUI, Thomas Cook and Vueling

Easyjet, Jet2 (10kg) and British Airways allow a fraction more at 56x45x25cm and Norwegian, Eurowings (8 kg) a little more again with 55x40x23cm  

The most restrictive sized hand luggage we found was Wizz Air at 40x30x20 cm and since the 1 Nov 2018 Ryanair have introduced an even more restricted 40x20x25 cm (Non-Priority boarding) which is the smallest allowable cabin hand luggage we found in Europe.  For the best choice for cabin luggage on Ryanair check here 

However, you can't choose a cabin luggage just to suit one particular airline so lets work on the most restrictive size which is generally accepted to be 55x40x20cm. 

With these constraints in mind we've now narrowed your search requirements and selected the most popular carry-on hand luggage choices on Amazon ensuring the size is the maximum allowable.

Recommended choice for Best MAXIMUM SIZE Small Cabin Bag 

Under-seat Stowaway


Carry-On Hand Luggage

Airlines that will accept

Most restricted size hand luggage
Ryanair (10 kg) (Non-Priority boarding)

Wizz Air 
Best Max Size under-seat Cabin Bag 45x36x20 cm for EasyjetEasyjet (No weight limit)

Recommended choice for Best MAXIMUM SIZE Larger Cabin Bag 

Overhead Locker

Aerolite 55x40x20 cm Ryanair Max Allowance 40L

Suitable for most airlines in Europe including Ryanair (10kg) (Priority boarding), Wizz Air (Wizz Priority), TUI, Thomas Cook and Vueling.
Victorinox Vx Touring 2 Wheels Cabin Trolley 55x36x23 cm

Best Carry-On Luggage as recommend by Flight Attendant's & Pilots

Most airlines in Europe 
Most generous size
Easyjet, Jet2 (Max 10kg) and British Airways

Best Carry On Luggage recommended by Flight Attendants and Pilots

Have you wondered which Carry-On Luggage pilots and flight attendants use? Well here's our top pick. They're more expensive because the brands used by professional flight crew come with a lifetime warranty. One Air France flight attendant who commutes to Paris CDG commented to us that he's used the same carry on luggage for 15 years and he has flown with it every single week and it's still as good as it was when he bought it new. Even after a decade of use, if ever any part needs replacing, the manufacturer's lifetime warranty ensures that it will get fixed, or replaced as new.  He further commented that his colleagues who don't buy the slightly more expensive bags that comes with the lifetime warranty need to buy a new bag every year. So if you're a frequent flyer do consider the quality brands as they will prove cheaper in the long run.

Victorinox Vx Touring 2 Wheels Cabin Trolley 55x36x23cm Laptop Compartment

This Victorinox Vx Touring brand is the BEST of the BEST Carry-On Luggage, as recommended by experienced professional flight crew who travel week in week out. Some of the comments fed back to us were Victorinox lifetime guarantee; if ever anything goes wrong with this bag, if anything breaks, Victorinox will fix it for free and if they can't fix it they will replace it. Other comments noted were the style of wheels. The exterior dimensions (L x W x H) 36x23x55cm include the 2 wheels which are built in. Many other trolley bag styles have dimensions that include the protruding wheels, which compromises on the maximum capacity. This Victorinox Vx Touring provides a full 40 liter capacity because of its built in wheels, making it more compact. Inside, it's storage-savvy, allowing you to maximise the large capacity. At 2.6 kg its also ultra light allowing you to pack in heavier items without exceeding your maximum carry on luggage weight.

Dimensions: 55x36x23 cm (40L)     

Victorinox VX Touring 2 Wheels Backpack Cabin Trolley 40 L 55x36x23cm Teal

Another stylish Victorinox in the VX range and a good alternative to the Touring is this carry-on hand luggage that doubles up as a backpack with straps as well as a trolley with 2 wheels. It comes with a durable extendable handle and the volume allows you to maximise the capacity with a full 40 liters. Importantly,  the dimensions (including wheels) means that this carry-on hand luggage is suitable for most airlines, with Ryanair being the only exception because its 3 cm too thick.

Dimensions: 55x36x23 cm;  Volume (40L);  Weight:  2.7kg.    

Cheap Affordable Carry On Hand Luggage with Wheels on Amazon UK


Aerolite - 55x40x20 cm - Ryanair Maximum Allowance 40L - Lightweight Hard Shell Carry-On Hand Cabin Luggage Suitcase with 4 Wheels - Also Approved for EasyJet, British Airways, Jet2

This Aerolite with 4 wheels is 'Amazon's choice' and is cabin luggage that has been very carefully designed to be allowed onto pretty much every airline in Europe. Measuring 55x35x20 cm, the only airline that we found that won't accept it in the cabin is Wizz Air (40x30x20cm).

Dimensions: 55x40x20 cm (All Parts), 48.5x35x20cm (Body). Weight: 2.6kg. Capacity: 40

Aerolite 56x45x25 Easyjet British Airways Jet2 Maximum Allowance 46L Lightweight Hard Shell Carry On Hand Cabin Luggage Travel Spinner Suitcase with 4 Wheels (Charcoal)

If you plan to fly British Airways, Easyjet, Iberia or Jet2 and you need to pack the maximum allowable approved for carry on luggage then our recommendation is the Aerolite 56x45x25 cm  (All parts - including wheels). It's lightweight, weighing only 3.2kg, comes on multi-directional 360-degree spinner wheels with a retractable handle and has a 46Litre capacity. The hard shell case is anti-scratch ABS resistant. This bag is too big for Ryanair or Wizz Air but is the perfect maximum size most most European airlines 

Dimensions:  56x45x25 cm (46L)

COOLIFE Carry On Hand Luggage 

This bag will be accepted as carry-on luggage for Easyjet, Jet2 (max 10kg), British Airways and Norwegian but is 1 cm too long and 3 cm too thick for Ryanair, TUI, Thomas Cook and Vueling. That said, depending on how picky they are, you may get away with this bag on the day. This lightweight  COOLIFE suitcase trolley is suitable as carry-on hand luggage and features 4 spinner wheels. It has a durable hard shell and is scratch resistant so is suitable for air travel. In 2020 this was Amazon's best seller. It comes in a choice of colours.

Dimensions:  (S) 56x39x23 cm (All Parts). Capacity: 38L

Aerolite ABS321 - 2 wheels

The Aerolite ABS321 55x40x20 cm (40L) has been specifically designed exactly for the purpose of allowing plane passengers to pack the maximum for carry-on cabin luggage and the 55x40x20 cm will be accepted by Ryanair, TUI, Thomas Cook and Vueling. This stylish hard-shell cabin case has 2 roller blade wheels and a retractable handle with a push-button release; simplifying the tow behind you. The light weight suitcase shell is made from a durable, strong ABS plastic to withstand the knocks. For added security, it also has a 3-digit combination barrel padlock to lock the zips. The Aerolite ABS321 also comes with a 5 year warranty replacement service.

If you're flying with British Airways, Easyjet or Jet2 you can get away with the slightly bigger Aerolite 56x45x25 cm (46L) but is a fraction too big for Ryanair, TUI, Thomas Cook and Vueling.

Dimensions:  55x40x20 cm (40L)

Dimensions:  56x45x20 cm (46L)

Aerolite - Cabin Luggage - 4 wheels

This Aerolite with 4 wheels is another cabin luggage that has been very carefully designed to be allowed onto pretty much every airline in Europe. Measuring 55x35x20 cm the only airline we found that won't accept it in the cabin is Wizz Air's 40x30x20cm.

Dimensions: 55x35x20 cm (All Parts), 48.5x35x20cm (Body). Weight: 2.6kg. Capacity: 34

Flight Knight - Cabin Luggage

This cabin size luggage has been specifically designed to fit the Maximum size allowance for 67 airlines so if you're a frequent flyer you should be fine with this Flight Knight brand. It's lightweight has 4-wheels that spin 360° and a telescopic handle.  It comes with a 5 year warranty. 

Cabin 22" Dimensions: 55x35x23cm (All Parts), 48x35x23cm (Body), Weight: 2.5Kg, Capacity: 39L

Eminent Cabin Luggage with Aluminum Frame Extra Corner Protection

This Eminent brand cabin luggage is much more up market and is reinforced by a sturdy aluminum frame with extra corner protection and is made of 100% polycarbonate, giving it increased resistance against impact, shock and temperature changes. The bag is fitted with TSA-approved combination locks and has a multi-stage telescopic handle with four 360-degree double wheels which roll smoothly. The bag comes with a 7-year warranty.

Dimensions: 55x38x23 cm (40L)

Cheap Carry On Luggage with No Wheels

If you're looking for the best selection of backpacks suitable for carry on luggage on budget airlines then check out our listings of affordable carry on luggage with no wheels  

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